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I'm the Sustainabird - leading my life with the focus of sustainability. To sustain myself to the ability of leading others on a path of finding themselves and a how to navigate in times of environmental crisis. It may be the crisis of your own surroundings but first and foremost to learn how we can adapt to a lifestyle that is sustainable for planet Earth - our Gaia. I do consultancy projects as well as seeing clients one on one.

The lifetime we share here is merely a drop in the vast ocean of time, but nonetheless it is of importance to value ourselves, our souls and our journeys here. To constantly learn, if we let ourselves to do so. 

Sustainabird is my Instagram account where I share info and inspiration on sustainable living and how well we feel from spending time in nature.

Let me know how I can support you on your journey:


Fire is the element we're mostly exposed to in our daily lives.


The elements of your life


Planet och månen
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